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Joe's EPISODE I: Review

After hearing and reading mixed reviews I decided to see the film with a completely open mind. Keep in mind this is just one fans opinion...

Over all I loved the film,on a scale of 1-10 I'd give it an 8. I thought the special effects were spectacular,the music was perfect,the saber battles were awesome and I thought most of the acting was pretty good. I think my favorite part was the pod race,it was pretty long and exciting. Of the 140 new aliens & beasts, I liked Sebulba and Watto best,they were very "life-like".

I believe the over use of Jar Jar Binks for "comedy relief" was the only big mistake. He was a cool lookin' character and all but that much silliness doesn't belong in a Star Wars film. I could also hardly understand him half the time with that voice & accent. I was also looking forward to seeing alot more Darth Maul but was disappointed to see him for a total of only 10-15 minutes.

As for all the critics bad reviews...

"It's only a movie". It's like they were led to believe that this would be a life altering experience or something. Or that it would be as good or better than the previous films. This film is the first part of a multi-part epic saga. Have you ever read a book or seen a movie where the first part was the best? Me either. Why do you think George Lucas released episodes IV,V and VI first? Because he knew that they were the most interesting and exciting parts. Now he's back to tell the begining. As you can see, if he released them in order, we probably would have never gotten to see parts IV,V and VI at all. So be greatful Star Wars fans...we are still witnessing the unfolding of the greatest sci-fi story ever told...




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