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Welcome!!! This site is dedicated to the newest face of evil...Darth Maul.I will bring you the latest in news,info,pics,audio clips,links and much more...this site changes constantly,check back often for updates... 6/16 As promised...NEW PICS,NEW PICS,NEW PICS!!! I even added a 2nd page!!!

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The critics hate it...the fans love it...what do I say???...screw everybody's opinion...go see the film for yourself!!!... I saw it on 5/ on my review below...

Darth Maul has an awesome presence that has captured the attention of every Star Wars fan on the planet. Although very little is known about the cloaked, tattoo covered "Lord of the Sith", his overwhelming increasing number of fans makes me wonder..."has George Lucas learned to use the "Power of the Force" to make us buy toys,comics,t-shirts and about 4 million other "Darth Maul" related items"??? What is it that draws us in ??? After seeing the movie, I can't get enough.


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Click Here to see a killer animated gif. of Darth Maul removing his hood.
(courtesy of Jonny Jedi)

The Man Behind the Make-up... Ray Park

Ray Park is the 24 year old stunt man/actor who plays Darth Maul. He was born in Scotland and moved to London at an early age. Inspired by his fathers great admiration of Wu Shu Master Bruce Lee, he began studying Wu Shu style martial arts at the age of 7. He currently holds a 2nd degree black belt, and is skilled in kick-boxing,Tae Kwon Do, and a bit of fire-breathing. He took 4th place in the 1995 Martial Arts World Championships. He was also a stunt double in the movie "Mortal Combat: Annihilation". Another little known fact: Ray's voice was dubbed over with the voice of English actor Peter Serafinowicz. For more information, click here to see the interview with Ray Park posted at

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