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!!!Joe Cool's Lady Death Fan Page!!!

Welcome to my LADY DEATH page...filled with links,news and other cool stuff!!!


She is a woman of mystery,determination and great power... she is Lady Death !!! Her life began during the middle ages in Medieval Europe as a young girl named Hope. She was the daughter of Mathias, a 666th generation decendant of the fallen angels. Sorcery and longevity run in his bloodline. Marion,(her mother) was of a pure bloodline that reached back to heaven. Mathias killed Marion for trying to escape his evil control. He wanted to use her soul as a bridge to Hell, for he had also been leading the town's army's to slaughter so he could feed their souls to the demons of Hell. He was trying to build an army of his own to defeat the father of lies...Lucifer!!!

Meanwhile, the townspeople were led to believe that Hope was a witch because she used blood-letting to cure a woman of the Black Plague. So they dragged her out into the streets and burned her at the stake, but before she died,to end the torture, she renounced her humanity sending her straight to Hell! There she met Cremator:"blacksmith to the Lords of Hell",he bestowed upon her an ancient chest once belonging to Lucifer's long vanished lover Purgatori. It contained many different costumes,he also gave her a battle sword named "Darkness". That's when she became Lady Death..."Ruler of all that is dead and dying"!!!

During this time Mathias appeared to have won in his battle to overcome Lucifer, but the prince of lies tricked him and set out for Lady Death. In a horrific battle Lady Death sent him through the "Nexus of all things" but not before he could put a curse on her..."AS LONG AS THE LIVING WALK THE EARTH...YOU WILL NEVER,EVER RETURN HOME"!!!

That's where "EVIL" Ernest Fairchild comes in, a young abused boy who just wanted someone to love him...then along came a lady,Lady Death!

If you would like to know what happens next... wait for my "EVIL ERNIE FAN PAGE" or read CHAOS! comics. I've been reading them since the begining back in '92. I've got almost all of the LADY DEATH & EVIL ERNIE comics,6" action figures and collector cards available and most of the exclusives & variants too!!! CHAOS!RULES!


LATEST ISSUE:Lady Death #16 shipped in April $2.95

LADY DEATH in battle armor & CREAMATOR Action Figures will be released in June $10.95 each


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I hope you enjoyed my 1st web page,check back often for updates!!!
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